BCIT Aerospace Technology Campuses

The new campus incorporates a 305,000sf building that houses 40 classrooms and labs, 36 faculty offices, a cafeteria, and a large hangar complex. Within the hangar complex are 22 customized workshops replicating industry conditions, an integrated resource and research library and a 40,000sf main hangar equipped with 20 training aircrafts. Due to the location of the site, proximity to the river and liquefaction potential of the site, meant the soil conditions were a significant factor in our choice of structural systems. The geotechnical conditions of the site resulted in a combination of concrete piles and conventional foundations being used on a site densified with stone columns. As a result, the project incorporated many different structural design elements including tilt-up walls, cast-in-place concrete walls and slabs, long-span steel trusses, steel floors and roof, eccentric brace frames, and seismic expansion joints.

ClientBCITArchitectKasian Architecture & InteriorsLocation3800 Cessna Drive, RichmondCompletion2007

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